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GENDER EQUALITY -Do we really know the meaning?

After thinking a lot, I have finally decided to start my blog. I am not really much of a writer and just want to share things going on in my mind as there is alot right now. I got the inspiration from an event I attended recently which was conducted by human circle . Well I met a lot of people out there and made some really good friends. I also met a gay there who became a good friend of mine. While talking to him, I realized that he, and the community  in general, is suffering alot and there is no really good laws and legislation protecting them. They deserve to live in a better society where no one is looking at them with distrustful eyes. There should be freedom for each and every human being out in the world and we must respect each and everyone’s identity. So during our conversation he told me about how he faces problems in finding a room for rent and how the landlords insult and dump him after he openly tells them about his identity.

Whenever we talk about gender equality, in general, we mean women empowerment but there are other left out communities also which are facing inappropriate problems. One such problem is housing for LGBTs. No land Lords are ready to rent their houses to them, it’s a stigma in the society which is devouring us. People need to change their mindset, broaden their heart and just must not be biased on this basis. Sexual orientation and gender identity should never lead to discrimination or abuse.It’s really disheartening to see such horrifying unwise acts. Bring the change in you, then only we can go ahead united. Perhaps as a responsible citizen, we must take the initiative to help out these groups if any such incidents are found.
No one should judge anyone on any fucking grounds. It’s one of the countless problems they are countering. Live your life and let others live.
Balance your perspective #equality_for_all.